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Would you like to try something different with the Next Nature themes? We are happy to help you create a customized program.


Next Nature Academy offers programs and workshops for all educational disciplines and levels. Our programs are investigative, creative and hopeful. We do not focus on only humans, but on nature as a whole.

We help young people consider the question 'what future do I want?' The programs can be customized for those who want to explore the themes of Next Nature in a specific way. 

The possibilities are endless!

Do you have an upcoming science and technology syllabus? Are you organizing visual art events? Is there a biology project that you want to encourage students to think about creatively?

We are happy to help you create customized programs. This could be an inspiring talk, followed by a workshop, or at a multi-day event at school. We can even plan a special program at our location in the Evoluon.

The sky's the limit. Reach out.