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What does your future look like?

What does your desired futurelook like?
Next Nature Expo Habitat VR installation - Shenzhen, China (2020)

Next Nature Academy encourages you to radically alter your perspective on the future. We aim to go forward -not back- to nature. We imagine a world in which nature and technology work together to keep each other in balance. Which future do you desire?

Are you ready for a future where technology transforms into our next nature?

The Next Nature programs and facilitators offer guidance as we navigate our future together.

Program on the Pyramid of Technology 'What Design Can Do (WDCD) conference' - Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017)
TEDx event with our mobile expo 'Bistro in Vitro ice cream cart' - Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017) ©Bibi Veth

Next Nature travels to you!

Our mobile expos realize future scenarios, offer inspiring ideas and create unique, immersive experiences that spark debate.


Our storytellers present thought-provoking ideas about potential futures, in which nature and technology are in perfect harmony.

Next Nature Night 'The Future of Food and Beyond'. - Nemo de studio (2019)
Evoluon By Night with RetroFuture showpiece the DeLorean (2022)


Exhibition about yesterday's future - until March 2024

RetroFuture is a major exhibition about the future of the past at the Evoluon, Eindhoven. What was strange, awkward and artificial yesterday is familiar or even natural today. Discover yesterday's visions that continue to shape tomorrow. The exhibition takes you through yesterday's future thinkers, dreamers and designers. The future is now! Did you know that we have a RetroFuture educational and business program at your disposal?

Connect with the Academy team

Do you have a question, request, idea, or anything else intresting? Please reach out, we are curious to hear what's on your mind!

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