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Amsterdam University of the Arts (2017) ©Kim Krijnen


Our storytellers present new narratives about possible and desired futures in which biology and technology are merging.

Stories for change; long-term visions that help individuals and organizations better anticipate the future. Not science fiction, but next nature. 

Dare to think about desired futures from a fresh perspective. An open mindset in which humans are no longer above all other life forms. In which nature is a dynamic element and technology co-determines evolution.


Opening Next Nature Future Travels - Evoluon (2022)
Now Future Talkshow - Dutch Design Week (2015)

When to book a talk or workshop with one of our captivating storytellers?

  • If you are organizing an event and are looking for high quality content on the themes of nature and technology.
  • If you want to motivate your audience with a groundbreaking philosophy, thought provoking concepts and fascinating projects to contemplate.
  • If you take the first steps with your team/ pupils/ colleagues towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive future - for all living beings.

Our promise

Our storytellers inspire with an engaging and inspirational talk about the Next Nature topics, supported by high-quality visualization and multimedia. The stories of our speakers offer a new perspective with the audience when thinking about the future, nature and technology.

Gives inspiring talks in which the Next Nature philosophy comes to life.

Guides your event from A to Z. Presents, leads a discussion and/or panel conversation.

Provides a unique workshop or learning program in which participants get to work on the Next Nature philosophy.