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With the philosophy, tools and methods, you can make learning about the future even more inspiring and thought-provoking.


Find fun and inspiring ways to encourage your students (and yourself!) to think about a future in which technology plays an increasingly important role.

In a compact training of 1.5 hours, you will receive all the insights, tips and tricks from our experienced facilitators, together with colleagues. You will be left with the blueprint for an interdisciplinary lesson that will no doubt captivate your students and resonate for a while. 

Make it fun for your students (and yourself) to think about a future in which technology becomes our next nature. In this teacher training you will begin with the philosophy of Next Nature. You will discover how speculative design can be used as a tool to explore possible futures. We use Next Nature's speculative projects as examples. Speculative design is designing with an eye to the future, a way of envisioning a kind of future that we want.

You will design an interdisciplinary lesson, based on the learning principles of Next Nature Academy; explore, experience, engage and evolve. This training is ideal for interdisciplinary collaborations from the fields of history, social studies, citizenship, geography, physics, biology, chemistry, philosophy, theater and visual arts.

Teacher Training

All levels of education

Subjects and disciplines nature & technology, culture & society, geography, history, natural sciences, technology, CKV, art etc.

1.5 hours

But can be extended with more development time and for example, a visit to an exhibition.

Depending on duration and group size

Prices are exclusive of VAT and travel costs.

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