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Are you future-proof?

RetroFuture is the world's first major exhibition about the future of the past. The future is now!


The Evoluon becomes a mirror to the past and portal to the future. RetroFuture presents an exhibition about humanity's eternal dreams of tomorrow. Does the future repeat itself? The exhibition takes you through yesterday's future thinkers, artists and designers.

Students visit RetroFuture with one of our teachers where they can visit the iconic Evoluon in Eindhoven. Before that, students will work on the themes of RetroFuture in an online learning environment. After their visit, they have time to process the exhibition during a creative workshop. Are you future-proof?

Future thinkers, who are they? It is the artists, designers, scientists, architects and thinkers who make tangible what others do not yet see. How will people live in the future? Changes and innovation are set in motion by people who believe that the world can be better or different. We have to look ahead, in order to decide what worlds we actually want to live in.

Let us transport you in our spaceship to RetroFuture, a unique exhibition in the Evoluon about the eternal dreams of humankind. Which dreams have come true, and which have turned into a nightmare? Humans will always sketch a future with their rich imagination, knowledge and storytelling. What does today's future look like? Find future wisdom as we speculate on where the world is heading. Make yourself future proof!

Visual impression of the RetroFuture exhibition (ⓒJoep Jacobs)


Until the 3rd of September 2023
Evoluon, Eindhoven

Discover, in the interactive RetroFuture exhibition, how ideas from the past shape the present and the future. The future repeats itself!

Experience a playful exhibition full of future scenarios and thought–provoking ideas, alongside an elaborate learning program.

The combination of the exhibition and school program guarantees a multilayered experience of the Next Nature stories. With their enthusiasm, our teachers know how to inspire young people to engage with what they encounter in the exhibition.

Learn about yesterday's future online

To deepen and enrich the expo visit to RetroFuture for students, an interdisciplinary online learning environment has been developed. In this learning environment you will find assignments for different disciplines that can be used in class and an assignment to reflect after visiting the expo.


All levels of secondary education and practical education.

Subjects such as nature & technology, culture & society, geography, natural sciences, technology, visual arts, etc.

2.5 hours

09:30 - 12:00 or 13:30 - 16:00

15 to 35 students

One supervisor from the school for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 students.

€15.00,- per pupil

Can be paid with the ‘CJP cultuurkaart’. The prices are including VAT.

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