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Hendrik-Jan Grievink

"We must investigate what it means to remain human in an increasingly standardized world."

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

Designer and Creative Lead at Next Nature

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is a designer and creative lead at Next Nature. Hendrik-Jan has worked on NANO supermarket and the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, among others and initiated projects such as the Pyramid of Technology and Reprodutopia. With his most recent project, Checklist for Technology Privilege, he wants to start a dialogue about the inequalities caused by technology, so that we can help each other to take steps towards a more fair and just world.

Grievink has been part of the core team of Next Nature since 2007. Learning and design education are integral parts of Grievink’s practice. He sees nature as an important teacher.

Grievink holds a BA in graphic design from the University of the Arts Constantijn Huygens (Kampen, NL) and an MFA from the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam, NL), an MA in design affiliated with the Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam, NL). As a designer, he worked for studios as well as independently, mostly in the cultural field.

Goethe University Frankfurt
Frederik Kampe
"Hendrik-Jan’s lecture took us to a possible future and let us explore it not only intellectually but emotionally. An inspiring contribution to aesthetic discourse at the intersection of design, art and humanities."

Hendrik-Jan Grievink


Next Nature

The ‘born’ and the ‘made’ are fusing. How to dream, build and live in this Next Nature? The Pyramid of Technology serves as a navigation tool that can guide us. Not back, but forward to nature!

Future Thinking

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, nano and biotechnology will have a massive effect on our future lives. Next Nature uses design to visualize potential futures to help people and organizations make better decisions in the present.

Future Sex

All species on Earth need to produce the next generation in order to sustain themselves. Homo Sapiens is the only species that has introduced technology to control this process. How will this impact the way we experience intimacy and build families?

Future Planet

Nobody has the manual on how to operate Spaceship Earth. We have to create it together in order to create a path forward that is satisfying for both humans ánd our planet as a whole. All humans have to cope with technological change. But not all have equal access to technology. It’s time to acknowledge our technology privilege and take steps towards a more equitable world.

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