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Ruben Baart

"I was in the future yesterday."

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

Editor-in-chief of Next Nature, operating at the intersection of design, science and technology

Ruben Baart is editor-in-chief of Next Nature. He operates at the intersection of design, science and technology. As an optimist for the future, his goal is to take the public on a journey through the developments surrounding technological progress. Ruben believes that we can create a more humane future by looking at the world differently.

He wrote the first edition of the Next Nature Magazine. This publication examines the impact of emerging technology on our lives, offering a unique perspective on – and with – the people, ideas and technologies that shape our world.

Ruben previously edited the books 50 Products from the Future (a Next Nature publication containing 50 speculative nanotech products), Food Futures (with food designer Chloé Rutzerveld about future food scenarios) and SWIPE (with designer Mieke Gerritzen about our relationship with the smartphone).

Ruben gives talks on topics such as biodesign, geodesign and self-design on various (inter)national stages. In addition, Ruben has co-organized Fifteen Seconds Festival (AT), MCE Conference (PL) and Border Sessions (NL) and has put together programs for IDFA (NL), Gogbot Festival (NL) and Dutch Design Week (NL).

STRP Eindhoven
Nadine Roestenburg
"Ruben is a smooth moderator who effortlessly involves the audience in a speaker's story."

Ruben Baart


Next Nature

How technology becomes nature.

Future Material

Biodesign, geodesign and self-design.

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What's on our plate in the future?

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