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Tim Hoogesteger

"The gap between possible futures and present time is narrowing every day."

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

Next Nature's managing director, and international DJ

Next Nature's managing director Tim Hoogesteger led the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in 2012 and 2014 and toured the world as an electronic music artist, inspired by the music of Detroit's techno artists and the combination of art & technology in general.

In his role as managing director, Tim is responsible for identifying and exploring opportunities within the network and directing the operational activities.

Tim is the founder of the Culturescape Foundation, where he launched projects to stimulate talent in the field of music and visual arts. For Next Nature he has been involved in the development of all mobile exhibitions.

Tim: "It is a rich experience to work within an organization that helps people determine which possible future suits them best."

Tim Hoogesteger


Next Nature

How technology becomes nature.

Future Food

Exploring cultured meat as a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative.

Future Sex

Technology is radically changing our attitudes to reproduction, gender, relationships and love.

Future Work

Finding work at the job agency of the future.

Future Material

Nanotechnology, biodesign and the merging of the born and the made.

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