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Saskia Wesseling

"Future thinking is playing with improbable ideas that are necessary to take steps forward."

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

campaign manager at Next Nature, with a background in journalism and marketing

In her position as campaign manager at Next Nature, Saskia Wesseling is responsible for the way in which Next Nature communicates with the public. Wesseling’s background in journalism and marketing gives her a broad scope of how to communicate and connect with different audiences.

Wesseling clearly sets out Next Nature's vision and is able to optimize this into themes that tie in well with concerns of today. Always from the vision of Next Nature - a vision that will bring refreshing perspectives to create a paradigm shift.

Wesseling has an inquisitive and explorative DNA that has made her life into a melting pot of creative outings. In her home country Holland she once was a news reporter and also made radio documentaries before she decided to explore the globe. From a structured start in Zurich to manic times in Cairo, from crazy Guangzhou to wild Hong Kong back to her hometown Amsterdam. Living abroad made her adaptable and hybrid – with a result to work in different capacities, where communication is always the common denominator.

The cultural earthquakes she has experienced over more than a decade, made her the person she is today: a marketeer that likes to share refreshing perspectives on important stories and reaches the audience by connecting in language that is easy to understand and in a rhythm that fits the purpose.

Saskia Wesseling


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