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Rachel Owusu

"Let nature be your teacher."

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

A behavioural change agent with a huge interest in the future of life on our planet

Rachel Owusu (MSc) is a behavioural change agent with a huge interest in the future of life on our planet. It is her aim to drive the transition towards responsible and sustainable care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity and animality through (un)learning. She focuses on the fields of circularity, renewable energy, biomimicry, biodesign, animal welfare and agroforestry.

Rachel has a master degree in organizational change and consulting (2017) and works via her own company named KANKO for like minded organizations to support in an innovative way with Knowledge Management, Instructional Design of (Digital) Learning Programs, Gamification, Talent Development, and Training.

Rachel is involved as a Learning Expert for Next Nature Academy and develops learning programs based on the philosophy and artworks of Next Nature for people personally or professionally interested.

Time Bank the Game
Amy Cheung
"All of our participants, from professors to students and from ecologists to journalists, felt enriched and inspired, and I don't think we would have come this far and reached this level of 'ecological intelligence' without Rachel’s stimulating input and guidance."

Rachel Owusu


Next Nature

How technology becomes nature.

Future Thinking

What can we learn from the future?

Future Work

What jobs are there in the future? How do we deal with these changes?

Future Planet

What is - now and in the future - valuable to us and how can we be good crew members on Spaceship Earth?

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