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Arida Bandringa

''Prepare yourself for a possible future.''

(Photo: © 2022 Henri Verhoef)

Training expert, developing teaching materials for children, pupils, students and trains teachers.

As a training expert at Next Nature Academy, Arida Bandringa develops workshops and teaching materials for children, pupils and students, based on the philosophy and speculative designs of Next Nature. She also trains teachers to work with the philosophy of Next Nature.

As a teacher of Visual Arts and Design, Arida has about 20 years of work experience at secondary schools, in which she - using Arts Sciences - introduced innovations in the art field. Arida developed interdisciplinary teaching assignments that stimulate creativity and encourage students to think critically.

In early 2020, Arida founded her Educational DesignLAB, where she developed curricula and lessons for education and organizations. It also provides training for teachers in the fields of art, science and technology.

As an educational designer and trainer, Arida is involved in ArtechLAB Amsterdam, Wicked Arts Assignments and the Center for Arts & Sciences Education platform. She also works for other clients from the cultural field.

Arida Bandringa


Future Work

The job agency of the future.

Future Thinking

What will the future teach you about today?

Future Food

How do we deal with our food culture and the future of food?

Future Material

Are we inspired by nature or do we bend nature to our will?

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