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The robots are coming!

Are you ready to embrace the robot as a colleague?


Explore the future of work at HUBOT, the job agency for people and robots. During this program you will gain an insight into how our working lives may change in the future. Are you the next cybercrime detective, deep learning trainer or robot beekeeper? Take the job test and find out which HUBOT job suits you best!

Are you ready for a job where people and robots work together?

Robots can work 24 hours a day and will never call in sick. They are getting smarter, cheaper and more reliable. The industrial revolution made muscular power redundant, the digital revolution automates our thinking. How to cope with that? 

No wonder people think that robotization will lead to job losses. But new technology can also make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. A horse can run faster than a human, and yet nobody claims that horses will make mankind obsolete. A man on a horse, or a man with a robot; this offers new opportunities.


All levels of secondary education

Subjects such as nature & technology, culture & society, geography, natural Sciences, technology, visual subjects, CKV.

90 minutes

Lecture 20 minutes,
Workshop 70 minutes.

15 to 30 students

One supervisor from the school for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 students.

€ 300,-

(excl. travel costs and VAT)
Can be paid with the ‘CJP cultuurkaart’.

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