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Learning from yesterday's future

Get inspired by a visit to our exhibitions with a learning program. By reflecting on the future, Next Nature Academy offers you the tools to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Evoluon By Night with RetroFuture showpiece the DeLorean (2022)


At RetroFuture discover the stories, fantasies and visions of future thinkers throughout history. About universal dreams and challenges about the future ahead. What distinguishes future thinkers from you and me is that they are often far ahead of their time. This is not because they have a special gift, but because they take different perspectives from the mainstream. They question the status quo and show us that 'the' future does not exist.

Be inspired by the different lenses through which you can look at the future and discover the future thinker in yourself. The future lies in today, the trick is to explore possible futures and work towards a desired future. We can't wait to start working on it with you!

How do we harness the future to today's questions. That is the common thread in the programme offered by Next Nature Academy accompanying the exhibition RetroFuture. There is a program not only for organizations and companies, but also for pupils and students. From student to director, thinking about the future is an inspiring voyage of discovery for everyone.

Broadly speaking, the programme consists of a lecture, a visit to the exhibition and a subsequent workshop in which we explore possible futures together. Participants are guaranteed to go home with different perspectives about the future. We take a step from wonder to change.

Lecture during a RetroFuture business program - Evoluon, Eindhoven (2022) ⓒ Tom Doms
Visual impression of the RetroFuture exhibition (ⓒ Joep Jacobs)


Does your organization, department or team have a specific idea or intention? Next Nature Academy is happy to think along with you about how we can translate this into a tailor-made program for your organization. We can collaborate on the content together.


Organizations, teams or professionals who are curious about technology, science design and innovation

7 hours

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (incl. coffee and tea reception, lunch and exhibition access)

Evoluon, Eindhoven

Noord Brabantlaan 1A, 5652 LA
Optional: drinks and/or dinner

10 - 200 persons
On request

Note: This program is available until the 23rd of March 2023

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